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CC Gymnastics is proud to use the motto "Developing the Olympic Spirit in every Child." We feel that our strength as a business in our true commitment to the families we serve. As times passes and medals  tarnish or skills at CC Gymnastics have been left with some potential skills,which help them to become successful adults.


We strongly foster the values that we feel characterizer the Olympic Spirit, or as some refer to it. " Olympism." Our vehicle is the sport of gymnastics and tumbling, and through it we tech the following:



Working together to make the world a better place putting the needs of others above your own, recognizing each other differences and celebrating that uniqueness,and seeking out other culture and lifestyles and embracing that variety.



Accepting the decisions of others  understanding the need for authority ,respecting opinions unlike your own, caring for your own body and your surroundings, and seeking ways to help honor each other.



Hard work, dedication, goal setting , perseverance, risk taking, precision, over coming failure,endurance, sacrifice, persistence, cooperation, gratitude, and education.

Many programs talk about the life skills attained in extra- curricular activities, but at CC Gymnastics we make it a point to  follow through and ensure theses lessons are taught. Our staff has successfully create a culture that is so much a part of our fiber that both parents and athletes constantly express gratitude for creating a " physically and emotionally safe" place for kids to grow into adulthood.  CC Gymnastics families feel that there is a value attached to every hard earned dollar they invest with us . We recognize that every child may not be an Olympian , but everyone can benefit from a living a life aligned with the Olympic spirit.